Amplify Her Visual Identity

Amplify Her Visual Identity

Amplify Her is a non-profit organization created to address women’s underrepresentation in public office. The visual identity expresses the bold and disruptive mission of the organization. Photos provided by Amplify Her.

Artboard 2
Artboard 3

The wordmark is bold and straight-forward like the disruptive tone of the organization. Tilting the 'A' creates a megaphone, a metaphor for the organization's tone and mission.

Artboard 4
Artboard 5

The titled 'A' is the core of the identity. It can be used as a main identifier or be used expressively.

When used expressively, it can be used like a more literally like a megaphone to shout statistics and information.

Artboard 6

The logotype is flexible in order to endorse candidates and display messages.

Artboard 9
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Artboard 11

In order to ensure a cohesive identity, I delivered a complete brand guidelines to help members of the organizations and future designers understand and use the identity.

Sam Bumbalo ©

Sam Bumbalo ©